Demi Nicole: Little Miss Imperfect

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Demi Nicole, Little Miss Imperfect is about an adolescent girl that struggles with insecurity.  She has two friends, who are sisters, named Insecurity and Confidence.  Insecurity is a mean girl that appears to have it all together, but possesses a bad attitude.  Her character fits who she is – Insecure!  Deep down inside, Insecurity doesn't like herself, and she seizes every opportunity to say unkind words to Demi which causes her to experience feelings of pain and low self-worth.  Insecurity's sister Confidence is always kind to Demi.  Confidence suffers from a skin disease called Vitiligo.  Confidence recognizes her flaws, but doesn't allow her skin condition to define her.  She is a confident girl who accepts herself for who she is!  Confidence always finds a way to lift Demi’s spirits by speaking positively and encouraging her to always try to do her best.  Demi eventually grows tired of Insecurity's bullying and put-downs and learns to accept herself for who she is because she'll never be Little Miss Perfect.