I'm Positive, I Forgive You: How I Forgave the Man That Gave Me HIV

Darryl Brown Jr

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It was a whirlwind of a relationship. Within six months, I thought I met my life partner. Then true colors began to show and the relationship became toxic. Things ended quickly. However, after six years, things picked back up exactly where we left off. December of 2012 we broke things off again and in February 2013 I was diagnosed as HIV positive. How could this be my reality? Did my partner know and willingly transmitted the virus to me? What does my life now mean with this diagnosis? I had a host of unanswered questions and emotions. While navigating the diagnosis, after four years I made the decision to forgive both my former partner and myself. The emotional, spiritual, mental journey toward forgiveness and wholeness is shared with you throughout the pages of my story. Join me in your own exploration of forgiveness and self rediscovery.