Little Girl Lost Grown Woman Found

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Straight from the poverty stricken streets of Kankakee, Illinois comes a captivating book of poetry that delves into a young woman's journey of life. A woman who has found the courage to break her lifelong silence of sorrow and hopelessness that stems from a childhood mired by sexual abuse and denial... Being raised in a low income household Dani was less fortunate than most and was repeatedly reminded of that fact by her peers. Daily she was relentlessly taunted, demeaned and ridiculed at school. Only to return to a home full of secrets that if told would shatter the very foundation many tried desperately to hold together. Young Dani endured bone chilling attacks of sexual abuse that some grown women have never encountered. Paralyzed by fear; she desperately held on to her secrets. For a little girl who felt she had not nothing; there was still too much to lose. So she kept quiet and endured what she thought was her plight in life. The result was a roller coaster of emotional highs and lows that would follow her for years to come. Over the years, fear evolved into anger, which turned into hatred and rage that ultimately led to a scar of confusion. Many mistakes later, Dani realized she held the power over her future. After searching long and hard she eventually found the road map that led to her true identity. Now she breaks the silence and bares her soul for the world to see that this little girl now a Grown Woman Found!